Teaching can be one of the most rewarding ways to reinforce your knowledge base, and at the same time position yourself as an authority that has what it takes to consistently deliver high quality training in fashion design.

A few benefits of joining our growing network of instructors:

1. Refine your knowledge base
2. Adopt widely accepted and proven techniques that delivers results
3. Standardize your delivery methodologies
4. Develop strong ethics in line with the profession
5. Connect with training opportunities at various partner centres
6. Earn a decent income
7. Establish career in training
8. Qualify for the “Certified Instructor” award

Become an instructor

You currently do not own a center. You want to be engaged as an instructor on the Creative Tailoring Class platform, and provide training at any of the partner centers.

Core requirements:
1. Knowledge base: have a sound understanding and ability to discuss concepts in theory, and demonstrate in practice complete techniques in pattern drafting at basic and advanced levels (metric – Natalie Brae, Winifred Aldrich).
2. Attitude: carry a confident but respectful and friendly manner. Ability to engage and communicate with sizeable groups per time. Have a flexible, versatile and time conscious approach to work. Ability to work independently with initiative.
3. Appearance: carry a demeanor in dressing that is appropriate, modest and refreshing. 4. Comportment: conduct oneself in a manner that is professional, ethical and dignifying at all times.
You own or are planning to rent a decent space(s). You want to conduct training yourself but might also engage others to train at your centre (s). You want to start a business on a proven platform.

Core requirements:
1. Requirements as listed under instructor, plus
2. A registered business name with the CAC Corporate Affairs Commission
3. Verifiable space conducive enough to conduct training
4. Have an active bank account associated with registered business name
5. Appropriate machinery, equipment and other working tools
6. Basic amenities e.g Air conditioning...

Qualifying for the mark of excellence, the Certified Instructor award:
Must have provided training consistently for 6 months at a training center that utilizes modern techniques in pattern drafting at basic and advanced levels (metric – Natalie Brae, Winifred Aldrich).

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