1. Pre-emptive measures have been taken to ensure that all communication or information provided regarding Fieldmann and/or any program under the Creative Tailoring Class is clear, accurate and up-to-date.
  2. It remains the responsibility of the intending participant to obtain complete information that will help them make informed decisions and follow set procedures regarding enrollment onto any program under the Creative Tailoring Class.
  3. Intending participants may avail the various channels of communication to obtain information: website, email, phone call or visit to our physical office address.
  4. Application submission is free, and does not entitle an intending participant to a space in class, but serves only as an indication of interest regarding any program of interest.
  5. Spaces are assigned to intending participants only when a deposit or full payment is made towards a program of interest.
  6. When an intending participant makes a deposit or full payment for a program of interest, Fieldmann sees fit to immediately deployed funds towards ensuring adequate resources or provisions are made for the program of interest.
  7. Having successfully enrolled onto a program of interest, Fieldmann will not be held liable to any refunds due to inadequacies on the part of the participant.
  8. While in class, participants are under obligation to abide by the class code of conduct.
  9. The permissible delay time for a balance payment is 4-weeks from the date a deposit is made or when the participant starts class – as agreed by both parties.
  10. Non-payment of due balance for/by participant within the permissible delay time serves as an indication amongst others as loss of interest in the program; Fieldmann will see fit to advise participant to discontinue with the program of interest. The initial deposit made towards the program of interest will count as utilized/forfeited.
  1. Participants who wish to defer their class to another intake may do so by first ensuring where applicable, that all training fees for a program of interest is first paid for in full, and secondly by submitting a formal request via the “Contact Us” page of the website.
  2. Fieldmann reserves the right to change start or end dates for new intakes as it is deemed necessary.
  3. Fieldmann will not be held liable to the non-performance of participants that do not meet up with the program requirements of attendance, punctuality, completion of assignments and personal practice time.
  4. Fieldmann will not be held liable for any program of interest that could not hold due to the natural occurrence of nature e.g weather, earthquake etc…
  5. In the event that a program of interest could not hold as scheduled due to inadequacies on the part of Fieldmann, the participant is only entitled to submit a formal request for a refund via the “Contact Us” page of the website. Refunds in this case will be less 10% accounting for administrative and/or registration processes during enrollment.
  6. Fieldmann will maintain exclusive rights to permit and/or record/use video or photo images during any of its trainings without recourse to any of its participants.
  7. Fieldmann reserves the right to modify the scope or content for any program of interest in line with its program improvement objectives.
  8. Adequate provision has been made in the design of the program such that each participant is able to meet the program objectives within the initially prescribed duration of class hours/days/months.
  9. Participants who are unable to complete the program perhaps due to inadequacies on their own part, but still wish fulfill the program objectives will be required to take extra classes on a pay-per-class basis.